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Work Order/Fee 

This form must accompany ALL other forms.

New or Renewal

Beginning in 2019, yearly memberships must be renewed by January 31st.

This deadline will allow us to keep our breeder listing up to date making it more complete for the year. 

In order to join or renew, complete the MEMBERSHIP FORM

Send with a completed Work Order & Fee Schedule form and payment to: 

PO Box 231
Wamego, KS 66547


For NEW LAMBS, please attach 2 photos (one of each side clearly showing pattern). 

Make sure your photos are easily identifiable and email to: 

For TRANSFERS, attach original Certificate of Registration (please keep a copy of all items submitted). 

The original certificate (CoR) will be returned to you. 

Send with a Work Order & Fee Schedule form and payment to: 

PO Box 231
Wamego, KS 66547

NOTE: ONLY the breeder can register a lamb within 12 months of birth, and must be a member of HSSR in good standing to register sheep.


​​​​​​​For UNREGISTERED SHEEP that have one registered parent and one unregistered parent. Please complete the Open Registry appplication form. 

Send with a completed Work Order & Fee Schedule form, payment and required four (one of each: front, back and each side) photos to: 

HSSR Open Registry
963 Oxford Crossing Rd. Van Alstyne, TX 75495

Ram Lease

This form is to be used if you borrow or "rent" a ram for breeding. 

A RAM LEASE CERTIFICATE needs to be completed and submitted with a REGISTRATION FORM and a WORK ORDER / FEE SCHEDULE, and payment to:

PO Box 231
Wamego, KS 66547

About the Forms

When you click on the button for the form you want, the fillable file will open. 

Enter your information and print, sign (if applicable) and mail with payment.

About PayPal

Log into Paypal. The Send Money address is:

Choose Friends & Family (no fee). Enter the TOTAL from your Work Order & Fee Schedule

If you choose not to use "Friends & Family", please multiply the TOTAL on the Work Order & Fee Schedule by 3.5% PLUS 15 cents ($0.15). This is the amount you will send.  

Print a copy of your Paypal receipt to mail to ASR with your forms and Work Order & Fee Schedule.

Submitted Forms Questions?

For information about submitted forms and work orders, please contact ASR directly at: 785-456-8500, or by email to: ASRegistry [at]

Open Registration Questions?

Questions about Open Registration can be emailed to JillChristopher [at]

Harlequin Generation Calculator

Members Robin and Steve Williams (along with his Dad, Ray) bring us an Excel based tool to determine what letters you sheep will have as part of their registration designation. This is a great way to see what potential matings will result in. Thank you, Willliams family!